Electrical Services

We are a remarkable enterprise engaged in undertaking Electrical Services for our valued customers. Execution plan of our services is prepared by the experienced technicians, after a detailed interaction with the customers. The services rendered by us include Legal Laision Services, LT Distribution Systems, Internal & External Lighting, Internal & External Wiring and HT & LT Cable Laying, PWD, MIDC, MSEVCL & MSETCL also Electrical Inspector.

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Turnkey Projects

Our enterprise specialises in undertaking Turnkey Projects for Commercial & Industrial Electrification and Electric Cables. These services are executed employing advanced technologies and methodologies, under the supervision of experienced engineers. Our professionals ensure to render these services in compliance with the demands of our patrons. The projects undertaken by us include various Security Arrangements with Automation, Fire Bungalow Alarms

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Erection Commissioning Services

With the aid of advanced technology, we are able to provide Erection Commissioning Services for Switch Yard and LT & HT Cable Termination. The engineers working with us have the ability to to provide Switch Yards in lilo xor radial lilo with 8 to 10 bays. Additionally, we are rendering Switch Yard Erection and Commissioning Services for generation with the help of wind or thermal power.

Listed below are the key specifications of our services:
Erection done for Switch Yard of 22 kv, 33kv, 132 kv and 220 kv substations Services include CT, PT & LA, isolators, gantries and towers

Environmental Benefits & Impact of Solar Powered Solutions

Solar powered systems significantly reduce the amount of electricity drawn from fossil fuels (such as coal and natural gas) by providing your home with clean, renewable energy harnessed from the sun.

After installing a solar panel system on your home, you drastically diminish the total amount of energy your utility company once needed to produce to supply your home’s energy demand. The more people that see their neighbors, friends and family using solar, the more likely they are to convert to become solar energy users themselves – which means less fossil fuel consumption, lower greenhouse gas emissions and a safer and smarter planet.

Interesting Facts:

As reported by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), world energy-related carbon dioxide emissions totaled 30.2 billion metrics tons (mT) in 2008. Emissions are expected to grow, topping 35.2 billion mT in 2020 and as high as 43.2 billion mT in 2035. This should be a huge cause for concern, potentially expanding 16% over the next 22 years.

In retrospect, solar energy and panels emit no carbon dioxide emission, providing your home with clean power. As each day passes, solar manufacturers employ greener methods and practices which drastically reduce the amount of electricity and resources used to create the solar materials and products used on your residence.

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Minda Stoneridge Instruments Ltd.

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Fanuc India Pvt. Ltd.

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Tredegar Film Products India Pvt. Ltd., Ranjangaon.

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IAI Joinflex Ltd. Chakan.

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Suzlon Gujarat Wind Park Ltd.

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